Friday, January 22

email obfuscator

... never hear this term before >,< ...

At the first time, some plurker set their status about Computer Security, especially their homework's topic. Hmmmmmm, I don't care~e~e~e~e~eee.... (singing 2NE1's song).
People always do like this: ask first before learning. Bad habit..
Then somebody chatted and asked about email obfuscator and i started to find out what is the meaning of that term. These are some explanation about that:
: electronic mail, bla bla bla....
: make unclear
email obfuscator
: is tool for webmasters that obfuscates e-mail addresses that you enter, making them less vulnerable to spammers who use e-mail harvesting software, also called spam-bots

[tried some online email obfuscator (google keyword : "email obfuscator")]
~Ahaaa~ i got it.. It is like encode-decode or encrypt-decrypt theory. Usually, email obfuscator is generate into:
** ASCII representation -- i couldn't find the right pattern, aaaaarrrrgh....
** Unicode representation -- simple one
** any others?

Let's analyze this experiment :D
email address :
obfuscated email :
>> '
\u006c' == 'l'
>> '\u0065' == 'e'
>> '\u0040' == '@'

Yap yap yap, '' generated into obfuscated email address.
Then, what? Is this experiment could explain the real function???
(i love "then, what?" moment, ha3..)

Remember about spam-bots..
They catch email address from the source code, but they couldn't (or not yet) detect those real email address, because its generated into obfuscated one.

How about the user itself?
~Tadaaa~ we still get the right email address :
Email obfuscator is trickier then spam-bots, right?


  1. @bay the way
    hellooo, buddies....

  2. cara bikine gmn????

  3. @wkwkwkwkw
    that's easy, right?
    first, you must learn about email obfuscator :D

  4. I think it focused on converting each character of email address into Unicode character....

    maybe you can try this one

  5. remember,
    not only Unicode representation, cause I found the ASCII too

  6. yes... that's correct..
    I found some too... :D

  7. @bay
    do you know the pattern when email obfuscator using ASCII representation?

    try this one

  8. it convert each character on email address into ascii code...

    for example

    a => a
    b => b
    c => c
    d => d

  9. unfortunately, blogspot automatically convert my encoding above into normal character...

    here below I gave you the example one more time, with spaces, to avoid blogspot auto convert

    a => & # 9 7 ;
    b => & # 9 8 ;
    c => & # 9 9 ;
    d => & # 1 0 0 ;

  10. i see, i see, i see
    previously, before i wrote article
    i found email obfuscator that obfuscated randomly
    (of course with ASCII representation)
    1. input: capucinno, output: bla bla bla
    2. input: capucinno, output: ble ble ble
    3. input: capucinno, output: bli bli bli

    so, i couldn't find the right pattern
    at that time, i didn't know too if ASCII code had prefix &#..

    now, i get it, thanks....

  11. yup, the prefix is used to make those ASCII code readable to the browser.

    You're welcome.