Monday, October 12


Meet Roxy, a new-comer, 2 months - mini pom - black and white like a tuxedo again -  with #tahilalat on both of her front legs, wkwkwkwk.. And, she wears glasses :v

So kyuuuuuuuut..
* puppies is the best, pokoknya
* abaikan faktor x y z
* bahkan bau mulut pesing nya pun ngangenin >,,<

Naughty girl Roxy~yaaaah

sy :: rest

Have a good rest, Nenk~
* tetiba blom nonton Midnight in HK, duuuh

Sunday, October 11

it's me

It's me.. it's me.. it's me....
It's absolutely meeee~~~

* baru aja mikir, tumben gue cerewet bingitz cuman gegara kapincut ama si Enenk, ternyata karakter gue gitu2 amat


The day when I fell in love (lifestyle)
* sing: when I fall~~~

Usually, I loph her voice (OMY), then start to collect every single song from this Queen of Collab ^^
Next, following her group activities.. Actually, I didn't like their sexy concept at first, recently their summer song always a hit #grin, so sexy in summer is bright my day,, believe me..
Last, watching theirs reality show, until I found this "Enenk".. How can I describe SY, hmmmm: beautiful voice - husky voice (cool) - natural beauty - struggle in past - healthy lifestyle - koplak :v - boyish? - confident - aegyooo~

So, how could this person: "cool outside, cute inside" ???
* oups, I mention it again, xixixi

* NB *
If you really-really know what this picture meant for me, You know me so well or You're my best since I shared it with you

Pick me - Choose me - .... me :v

Saturday, October 10

sy :: something

I'm not in stalking-mode anyway, the universe drags me there (secret's theory), that's why I'm so lucky.. I adore one, and could follow her freely..

Could you imagine, online in the same time.. do parallel-ly :D
* sudah lama gag ngintip n nungguin kata "last seen", "online", bahkan "typing" krn uda jeleeeh sendiri ngarep gag keturutan

Get well soon, So You.. Be better in your waist n mood.. #fighting
Need to see charm in your next perform. And should learn more tips for a healthy lifestyle
* si Enenk gi galooo >,,, <


Oups, this Jiwo-song has a deep meaning
I "jiwo" the memories :v

Hyolyn x Jooyoung (feat Iron) - Erase

Friday, October 9

another JP

Another JackPot..
At the end of this day, You made my day ^^
*saia sukaaak sekali


Thank you for coming to my life
*eniwei, get well soon, #cheers


Hollow-man was sucking my joy instantly
*talk bout it later, when everything goes well, fyuuuh~

Finally, there's a song that perfectly-perfect to my-con

#Hyolyn #JooYoung #Erase

Thursday, October 8


In normal way, it's rarely got this kind of menu..
Right now, owalaaaah~~~
* ati goreng rempela reeeek

Actually, I'm not too hungry to do diet-part, xoxo-condition. The difficult part is everything looks good to taste, puhahahahaaa
* this naughty eyes, duuuuh T___T

And, I should consume less salt and less oil, nyem nyem nyeeeem.. Lots of drink to brain-wash my hunger
* klo nyadar inget, klo kalap ya wassalam :v

Eeh, the best part of doing these, I start to love fruits again, yihaaaaaa

so cool

Yesterday was my-first-worse-exercise-ever..

05.15 pm: went back home
05.20 pm: did some cardio exercise, plus tried arms portion too (Babe said it 7.5kg :v)
05.35 pm: took a bath
05.45 pm: did some prep before meeting
06.00 pm: went for meeting

15 min for exercise, and then continued to take a bath without resting.. The result was #cetar,, high heartbeat, shaking body, aaaaaand flooding of sweat, puhahahahaaa. As soon as I finished my prep, it looked like I did my 2nd bath-time.. Tadaaaa, I got wet shirt and need to change it, I chose UCS since my skin need to breath alot.

Next, the wind was blowing so cool into my skin, until I hold my breath (didn't effect anything, xixixi).. It was an-all-kill-combi, hot inside and cool outside T__T

Conclusion, do some rest after exercise, make time for body for cooling itself
* pelajaran berharga *

I hope, today isn't same, since we need to go early (05.30 pm katanya)