Sunday, March 1

BS 1


Nice to meet you
Where you've been
I could show you incredible things

Magic, madness, heaven, sin
Saw you there and I thought
Oh my God, look at that face
You look like, my next mistakes
.... is game, wanna play?

Saturday, February 28


I meant technician..
I should learn this kind of things too,
voltage 12 or 24 volt isn't enough #gulp
*mau mrenges susah, mringis~

Thursday, February 26


Remember the day
that I want younger siblings than me..

Mr.J is so good to me ^^
I got what I really really really want #tears
He answered me, then sent me a gift
lil-sister to accompany me day by day

* * *
Pssst, if I say "u"
perhaps we are Korean Drama Lovers, wekekekekek
and I do
* * *

That's way I always proud of her,
and show off is a must

Look at her anggun-face, unyuuuuuuw #ketjup2
I'm coming, Choooow~

Tuesday, February 24

nice to meet u

Nice to meet you, woof..
Wanna edit some photos from gallery, and I found yours

tungguw aq nanti yoooh, Nguk-cenguk #unyel-able

Monday, February 23

life is short

"life is short"
*found in the middle of blink2-market

I .... U

I woof U too #ketcup2

Sunday, February 22

too late

lost in city?
*again and again, #phew

Wednesday, February 18

the genius

The Genius: Rules of the Game
"beautiful defeats and ugly victories"

Congrats to Hong Jin Ho-shi #YellOw #Kong
*he is a Programmer + real Pro Gamer too[engsub]-the-genius-s1-full

Anyway, from this kind of contest,
I feel proud too, since I'm a programmer (that like to gaming too)
You know, we rule the universe :v
True (1) or False (0) are our best friends :p
We'll think differently, #logic first
And believe me, you don't understand us, ciakakakakak

Monday, February 16

glory, glory universe


in the same time (same date, same time - whithin a few hours),
and even in the same place (**b**)
The universe wanted us to meet #THRILL

Glory glory to ma-universe~~

Manyake, manyake.. it really happened..
It would be a-very-beautiful-fate that I get in this early year, yeeeiy

The probability was 80 %
*clap clap clap

Thursday, February 12


Dikit-dikit ngambek :v :v :v
*itu dolooo, skarang ngecing #groarrr