Saturday, September 27

another tattoo

So, I said taboo-words again
And this is what I got

#perih *meringis

Thursday, September 25

GA - 140925

Don't give up on yourself
Let us help you

Will you be there?
Every step of the way

new tattoo

Just a low-joke,
"yook keluar yooooook.."
And she started to argue with an act

Hmmmmmm, crispy-joke.. ouch T___T

Sunday, September 21

JO - 140921

let's go !!!

Friday, September 19

JO - 140919

*listening mode on*

Thursday, September 18

eh (2)

This is another reason for
not knowing is better than knowing

"some secret should stay secret, some truth must be revealed"
~ kliwon ~

Nice point of view, and of course not a win-win-standard-answer :D

Wednesday, September 17


Which one is the right one?
Not knowing is better than knowing
Knowing is better than not knowing
And the answer is: it depends

Tuesday, September 16

GA - S07E08

There has to be a way to find relief..
Because if the pressure doesn't find a way out
It'll make one

It will explode

It's the pressure we put on ourselves
That's the hardest to bear

The pressure to be better than we are

The pressure to be better than we think we can be

It never.. ever lets up

It just builds and builds and builds

GA - S07E05

Re-watch GA
And got a-KO from this quotes

"Because growing up sometimes means leaving people behind"
~ Meredith ~


3rd hokage

It said..
To protect the Pxxxxxxx ones