Wednesday, November 25

hyo :: eleneij


So selfish love,
I'm so selfish girl yeaaah~

*being neutral*
So, gue ajaaah biar mengena

Sunday, November 22

K.Will - Ojoooooooooooooooo

Catchy song: Yes
Dasomie: sippooo, eh yeppoooo..
Seo In Guk: okay (not a big fan)
Ahn Jae Hyun: hmmmm, I ever seen you before

Some people said, "K.Will - Please Don't" have a good story-line (MV), so I'm so curious.. 
Yeaaap, from the first time, it has a good basic, love triangle, eeewwww~~

"dunno why", this song drag me to the end of the story

It's a trap!! Mayday, maydaaaay.. It's a traaaap....
Believe it or not, just watch for yourself :v

K.Will - Please Don't

In the end, 
I just want to scream: "Ojoooooooooooooooo...."
*read: Please Don't

yubin on marie clarie

*ngincer atok nya*

Saturday, November 21


Milla's comeback, yuhuuuuuw..
And the old Mr. Pierce Brosnan (unfortunately, he looks really old)

For a movie that makes a very pointed display in a title card at the end of the film to pay tribute to the fact that law enforcement has reportedly stopped 53 terrorist plots in New York City alone after 9/11, given how they are portrayed here, it seems a miracle the authorities know how to tie their shoelaces.

Rating: 7/10
*8/10 because Milla was there.. 

Friday, November 20

your body is an ocean

My body is a wonderland :p

And, "Touch My Body" is a perfect theme too :v

Imagine these..
Mon - Wed: did exercises
Thu: skipped exercise, since there was a meeting
Fri: (morning) my body was remek, ekekekekek

It's a lifestyle, an addictive one..
How could that happened? #mazic

i swear

For me, "swear" or "promise" is a taboo word..
Since no update at all, lets become mad :v

yaksokhae = yes okay (read)

Sistar - I Swear

Tuesday, November 17

quiter : more hear

* silent is gold *


* silent is karma :v *

Monday, November 16


This is Monday morning..
And this maknae, did wrong thing
She ate Snow Crab legs in the early week T___T

I can't do that now T___T
* cruel cruel cruel *
Oh Dasomieeee~~~

Anyway, do you know: how much Snow Crab is?
It sounds more than 400, puhahahahaaa
I should taste it with some crazy people #BucketList

Sunday, November 15

upr :: drama

Hahahahaaaa, I loph (watching) drama so much..

Next :: UPR2.06


I'm sick of the puz~