Wednesday, February 10


a song for you.. and for me right now

Feels like I'm drowning,
everytime I remember bout you~

Friday, February 5

a month


I didn't realize it, today..
It's been a month

Hello from the inside T___T
to both of you~

Gumiho is crying tonight,
and I instantly crying too..
Lots of sweet and sorrow things were splashing to my head

So, here is my fool-conclusion
We are still here, and struggling so much, and do responsible to continue,, continuing the good good ones

Just give me any chances, lets do this..

I miss yours

Sunday, January 31

Misspelling Magic

Usually, I read it with a big smile.. Simple silly moment that I have with you, chu~

You would say:
- nungu
- ngebug
- singging

Believe it or not, it is contagious, Dudul moment, duuuh..
Currently, I read:
- Denggung as Dengung
- Ngaglik as Nganglik

I didn't realize it before.. Dudut's impact: I can't differentiate "ng" and "ngg" now, especially in reading mode >,,,<

You really really really really colouring my life *tears*
Miss you so much, Lil Angel

Thursday, January 28


I got use to..

What am I now?

Saturday, January 23

2nd time

So, this morning is your 2nd time for coming to my dream..

Bless you for your tengil-smile,
thank you for your full appearance..
Glad to see you, Sis ^^

Anyway, is that really a sign for me?
Your surprising support on "that" kind of event.. I still don't have any clearness, but your coming way is so special, do you want me to do it???

Isn't too frontal, not my style actually, it's yours, xixixixi..
Just remember, please be my Angel >,,,<

Euy, I want to report this story..
Yesterday, I was planning to go to Jogja on Saturday, it was a fail.. But I did it.. Accidentally, I was on your radius again, and that made me thinking more about you.. Sweet sorrow, Nenk~
Later, I'll talk bout it T_T

Thursday, January 21

Officially Missing You

This is sad version of Officially Missing You,
usually I heard this song when raining-day
Right now, it become a habit~

Still, I really really mean it (every words on it)..
Let me collect every moments that I have (not had) with you, my #LilAngel

Jayesslee - Officially Missing You


Thanks for the co-bedding today..
Even it was only a dream >,,<

For the first time,
co-bedding with you in dream, chu~

Waiting for the next..

Wednesday, January 20


There you are..
I called you "dedex" from my very first time I knew you

#OMY #LilAngel

Sunday, January 17

Officially Missing You

It's been almost 3 years, I set this song as yours
* you've heard it before
and I really really mean it (every words on it)

Dear #LilAngel..
It was really hard for me to tell you this, Good bye~
Now I'm left alone tonight without you
I'm still, I'm officially missing you, Ing Yen

Geeks, So You - Officially Missing You, Too

Thursday, January 7

my lil moon

I've already lost my lil moon..
We didn't do revolution each other again

So, that's the Universe said to me, is that true?