Sunday, November 23


can't write lot of words right now
but those picture could describe temporary

Thursday, November 20


Almost 3 years #tears
*collecting memory from old-songs

Wednesday, November 19

Han Ye Seul

W.o.W, long time no see..
Korean never bore to make you amaze

How could people change differently from their look?
*skip about plastic-surgery

From RM ep.219,
I didn't recognize her from the first time.
Then, after hearing her-crazy-bgm #Lol,
that reminded me of someone, a crazy one, ekekekek..

Dink donk denk,
it's really her.. Miss Han Ye Seul in Couple or Trouble
Aaawwwwww, such a relieving moment

Pssst, If you have same feeling like me..
Sometimes, she looks like Vicky Zhou ^^

Sunday, November 16

me and tie

*after Sunday service
She borrowed father's tie
Tadaaaaaa.. "am I cool?"
of course, with sleepy-face
Like father like daughter, hahahaaa

Saturday, November 15


Twitch-kle, twitch-kle.. lil left eye
How i wonder what you are
Please, please.. don't be sad
Please, please.. don't be cry
Twitch-kle, twitch-kle.. lil left eye
How i wonder what you are

*singing + hoping

Friday, November 14

3rd - cervarix

Month after month,
this was my 3rd-shot, the last

And still the same,
I hate injection-after-effect #pouting

Thursday, November 13


Thursday, October 23


Karev's right..

Sunday, October 12


#biston Kho Andi + Ce Ika

Friday, October 10


such a lucky one ^^

Best moment