Thursday, December 31

SY :: 85

*dink dunk*

Saturday, December 19

stalk mode on

It just a cloudy day, since early morning. Seems like a lazy day for a normal Hooman.

Since it is Saturday, let us make it to a brighter day, chu~

4 IGs are enough, Summer Time then, xixixixi...

Friday, December 18

Hyolyn, Bumkey, Joo Young - love line

#151218 unlocked #LoveLine

Blon nyanthol di kuping,
but Hyo Hip Hop still the best ^^

Hyolyn, Bumkey, Joo Young - love line

Thursday, December 17

exid - hot pink (practice)

Hahahaaa, I was late to realize that this song is a catchy song
*dulu gegara 360 effect ini*
No doubt, Exid always stick to the same genre ^^

Bravo, I like the way you thinking~
I didn't learn the lyric before, since I didn't know what's the meaning of Hot Pink

Buuuuuut, look at their dance.. 
Smooth gesture, and it's perfect-sexy-cool-motion
Blank Hani isn't too blank here :v
LE's voice sounds like Jimin, ohyeaaah...

Exid - Hot Pink (Practice)

Wednesday, December 16

SY :: 80

She's back *mrebes mili*
Smells like a summer then ^^


Sistar - Naughty Hands

Continuing my last post,
this is Naughty Hands ^^

One of the best of Sistar..
Well, this song looks like a convos or dialog, so it comes so natural. Of course with simple lyric (not deep one), without sexy dance :p, plus a cute gesture, just enjoy their perform~

Ah, no Verbal Jint here, go Joo Heon :v

Sistar - Naughty Hands

Tuesday, December 15

naughty girl

*too bored to do a thing*
Then, found this girls

ncen naughty girl teniiiiiin...
So happy, when our bias could brightening our day

(tumben ada Bora nemplok disini :p)

*singing Naughty Hand*

hyolyn - turnaround

Actually, I'm not a jazzy-lover..
So, this song isn't my type,, aniyaaaiaiaiaaa~

Hip Hop Hyo still the best :v
* unlocked 1 song
* still wait LoveLine for the next

Hyolyn - Turnaround

Monday, December 14

it doesn't matter

Gwenchana, gwenchanaaa~
It doesn't matter, Sis

Sunday, December 13

it was a drama

Yes, it was a drama..
Since, we only met in front of the lift, in the middle of queuing

If I tried to use escalator,
it would be tragedy

If I late a few second later,
it would be tragedy too

Oh sh!t, I was very mad last night..
I just slept outside early, didn't care anything

Hope today would be better,
I'll coming early (not for a drama)

Saturday, December 12


Just give me your try

Monday, December 7


What is your frequency right now?
56k :v

Sunday, December 6


God bless you, SY..
Finally, could catch your voice even for the very first time ^^

Starship Planet - Softly

Exactly, like the title itself
SY's voice === sareureureureu

selfish girl

One Way Love (unfortunately)

Saturday, December 5


Anyoooooong, ladies..
So you (SY) was giving an early sign to my dream today,
then you're coming up, huehehehehe

Gwenchana.. gwenchanaaa~
I always supporting you ^^

Only 3-8 sec,
and nice to see your smile

Hope that tomorrow you could go to Spore, I'll stalk lively *muach*

weird dream

So, i had a weird dream today..
Checked up her last IG n saw number 79, 81, or anything else
*that meant a super late for me*

Right now, it's still 78..
*phew* such a dream :p
Anyway, I really miss SY >,,,<

Some people said, there's SY voice in Starship Planet - Softly
Let's hunt !! *smangat45*

LoA :: toxic

Thursday, December 3

hyolyn - don't love me

Every time I hear this song, * teary *
Yes, it's #eleneij song T______T

Actually, I don't wanna post about this song.. 
But, I could sing it freely and steadily in my dream
So, here it is: don't love me, I swallow it alone

Hyolyn - Don't Love Me

Tuesday, December 1



L & H

Those who can't hate intensely
can't love deeply
- Paul Tournier

* horror juga *

Since love and hate usually need the same energy,, need to exercise our minds to take captive them all for Christ..