Saturday, August 31


Cleoo n Pao-pao said "Hiii~"

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Friday, August 30

summer please

Need a backup, need a support, need more spirit.. I wanna get high!! #dugeun2
Holidaaaeee~, I'm comiiiiiin~~~

Na eotteokhae what should i do? #singging

Sistar - Loving You

Thursday, August 29


Being aware of your crap 
and actually overcoming your crap 
are two very different things
~ Cristina Yang

behind the cloud

still there for me ^^

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Wednesday, August 28


Old quote: customer is a king.
New quote: customer is a customer.

One of them, suddenly got angry because of third party's fail, and I got a blame to, "terlalu bertele2" #brambangi #nggondhuk
It's start to early T___T, I should upgrade myself as soon as ....

Because you broke my feeling (that broke my day), I can't go to swim #hikz

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Monday, August 26


*forgot the spoiler

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Cimory.. Cimory.. Cimory....
I like their products, and my rank is:
1. Milk
2. Sausage
3. Yoghurt

All about milk is yeppooo ^^

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Sunday, August 25


Jackpot is..

When go to somewhere and sometime, that place plays your fave's playlist

1. Stand By Me (accapella)
2. Bleeding Love
#gulp #omen
3. 100 years
4. Just The Way You Are

Today, you're everywhere, ahahahaaa..

#CimoryOnTheValley #ThisNoon

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gold : partner

Congratz for Monday Couple..
Nice choices Gary and Miss Mong ^^

It was set at the very first time for both of you, #jowaaa

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Saturday, August 24


Jack R: But I guess that's what bothers me.

Journalist: How do you mean?

Jack R: I don't like needing someone to be there for me.
Jack R: I don't like needing anyone for anything.
Jack R: I never have.

Journalist: You a hard case, Jack Robinson..


Thursday, August 22

30 seconds

On my way to go home..
Suddenly, I was reminding, simple moment, only a simple moment that I had with you, he3..
Because a good plan (I really made it carefully), we could share exp on public in the same time. Doing things parallel-ly, with beloved one, secretly, isn't it good? #grin

That's my works. Most of the time, it really works. Realize it or not, I'm still working on the next..

Thanxxx.. for coming in my mind ^^

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Keindahan di hadapan ku
Kemurahan di belakang ku
Kekuatan di sisi ku
Keyakinan di dalam ku

Kemenangan di perjalanan ku
Kesukaan di hati ku
Kedamaian dalam sanubari ku
Keindahan di dalam Yesus

Hidup ini sangat indah dengan Yesus
Hidup ini berarti bersama dia
Hidup ini tambah manis setiap hari
Karena Yesus menuntun hidupku


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Wednesday, August 21

esmosi sesaat

It's better to write this post in my local language, because need some "slang" words..

Owalaaah Pak, Paaak..
Kowe qi nubruk, nubruk dewe. Ngglangsar, ngglangsar dewe. Babak yoo babak dewe..
Lhaa koq sampeyan muni "kecelakaan itu kodrat, jd jangan cari2 kesalahan laen nya", plus njaluk ganti rugi n biaya berobat. Wes salah koq yo ora idep isen to yoo

Njuk aq sek mok tubruk, kenek pinggang karo sikil ngisor qu, njaluk ongkos pijet lah, sek gampang tur murah. Tp kowe gag iso ngragati heee..
Rasa-rasane, pingin tak-tinggil kowe pak

Kecelakaan iqu ojo go golek duid pangan, mental kere qi yo ojo nemen-nemen, ora patut

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Tuesday, August 20


Do you still remember about the parable of sand before?
Darn, you're right then.. My fool, I didn't learn from old-mistakes, pardon me

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Monday, August 19


if YOU dare to hurt her,
i'll make sure to make YOU down

Sunday, August 18


Fortunately, I cancelled to go to yoghurt's factory there..
Because I was sitting too long in seminar, or sleeping on bad position, I had waist-ache #dyaaaaaar #ColdSweat

Probably, because tomorrow I start to go to office again, wekekekekek

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Saturday, August 17


I am looking at Mom and Dad that sleeping on the car, our journey to home #live
I only imagining a while, only a while, if I don't have them in this world, I mean become an orphan. Suddenly, I got my tears..

I didn't know, what do Mom's feeling now, it's been a year now #120817
Became the eldest one, with others that doesn't change.

if YOU dare to hurt her anymore,
i'll make sure to make YOU down

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Isn't it same shorts like before?
Yeaaap.. I did it.. I intentionally made it

*only you

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Good relationship doesn't need promise, terms and condition.
It just needs trust and loyal

Let's find the right one..

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Friday, August 16

black or white

I'm agree, Will #nodding

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Thursday, August 15

only youuu~

After more than 3 years (i forgot it, and that means good for me).
Never see you, never hear you, never know you, never contact you anymore, never do the things I use to be..
Suddenly, your photo came into surface, 3 of them, 3 photos, 3 of you, after I woke up.. Tsk tsk tsk, poor you - poor me, we ended like that

My questions here, why you? How dare you.. Lots of photos that I collected, and you came first, and I focussed on you, only you..
I hope, this was an omen, hiiii~

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Monday, August 12


just block it, as hard as you can
could you?

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Saturday, August 10


Helloo, my name is Cleo~
I'm half husky and half samoyed, I only have 5 black-spot: 2 ears, right eye, back, and my tail, that's all.
I'm a good girl, plus cheerful one #ginak2u

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Yesterday, I helped my bro n siz, to stay (keep) Handphone stores. Because we are still young, look promising (fashionista), and very cheerful, we did lots of sale ^^

We sold 45 hp-s in a mid-peak-day, it didn't same like last year (80 or more), but for me (first exp in hp-area), we did it greatly, xixixi.. Every seller would be happy if they meet lots of buyer, so do I, I worked actively: here and there, sit and stand, write receipt, get-count-save money, serve customers, with lots of grin..
In the end of the day, the result are: HAPPY n "pothol sikil'e", wekekekekek..

So, where am I now?
Jogja in the early morning #special

Good day, bro n siz,, today is the peak-day, hope the best for today ^^

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Friday, August 9

your question is you

I wanna help to answer your question before..
"what do we call, people that comes based on his/her needs only?"

First, it is YOU..
Second, it kind an egoist.
Third, combined from first + second (the worst)

That's why, I'll hate people that only 'use' me as a tool, they never respect our existence.

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Thursday, August 8

regret :: life

If I say: "there are no regrets in life",
it is just to fool myself..
How boring it would be without regrets

You are one of them, thank you for making my life ^^
It does't mean I am sad, but I am grateful for your part in its.

a half twin

This buddy always comes to break my cubic #gedheg2

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Happy Eid Mubarak 1434H

(after watching War Horse + Jack Reacher)
Today, I woke up early, and I felt: it's like in the middle of the battlefield. The best weapon I would use is Sniper Rifle #CedhungCethak. And I should be in a high position, high building, to get a broad visibility.

Errrrrr, my target are firecrackers that bounced in the air..
Just to vent anger and disguise the sound of gunfire, xixixi

Anyway, Happy Eid Mubarak 1434H,
God bless

Wednesday, August 7

morning guests

This morning, I had a dream. It should be a good dream, because I adore them, I met great guests there..
#it sounds good

2NE1's members came, jinjjaaa~
Cool people coming to cool dream, xoxoxo

But, since my real mind stuck in YJS's statement, "they look creepy.." (because of their stage's make-up), I stuck in the same situation #jedeeer
How come.. How come.. Even I said my words in English mode, so stupid..
Next time, I should say it in Korean, it would be more stupid too, wakakakakak

However, I still adore them, esp: Boomie.. 
You're the best ^^

Tuesday, August 6

hidden posts

Some posts that will never be released..
buried deep


Asarabia, Columbia~
Hold the chicken, biyak biyak~

#DinkDenkDonk #Absurd #LoveIt

Monday, August 5

lullaby song - my angel

Since I knew the process + meaning of the lyrics,
this is a great lullaby song from Yoon Min Soo (father) to his son, Yoon Hoo ^^

4Men - My Angel

My angel~ My angel~
naegen naegen jeo haneuri jusin keun seonmul
nae mame jamdeun yeppeun sarang

My angel~ My angel~
naegen naegen i sesangi jusin keun gippeum
jaljayo yeppeun naui sarang


Sunday, August 4

notice everything

I notice everything,
that's how the S works..

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One of my biggest bless, knowing RM ^^
No matter what happen: happy, sad, healty, sick, flat day, busy day, good day, bad day, you made my day, you ruined my day, all kind of my feelings..
Just watch this show, I'll forget everything. They're trying to make me laugh, I'll laugh hardly as crazy they are

I hope, I could find those real people in my life, if you could stay longer there, I'll be there.. I'll be there for you that have same missions with me. At least, I'm not a single fighter.
And that would be a multiplication of my bless

Would you come and join me? #grin

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Friday, August 2

give n love

If you're giving your all to someone
and it's not enough,
you're giving it to the wrong person..

You can give without loving,
but you can't love without giving

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