Saturday, August 10


Yesterday, I helped my bro n siz, to stay (keep) Handphone stores. Because we are still young, look promising (fashionista), and very cheerful, we did lots of sale ^^

We sold 45 hp-s in a mid-peak-day, it didn't same like last year (80 or more), but for me (first exp in hp-area), we did it greatly, xixixi.. Every seller would be happy if they meet lots of buyer, so do I, I worked actively: here and there, sit and stand, write receipt, get-count-save money, serve customers, with lots of grin..
In the end of the day, the result are: HAPPY n "pothol sikil'e", wekekekekek..

So, where am I now?
Jogja in the early morning #special

Good day, bro n siz,, today is the peak-day, hope the best for today ^^

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