Saturday, June 29

a good sign

On the middle of my way to home..
I set a plan to go swimming, for refreshing my body, my mind, since I had a lot of things to do #huft

This day is too hot..
I just need a miracle, and I asking to G, for a sign

Here I am,
with a good-good sign.
It's raining, yoohoooooo~~

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Friday, June 28


Ketoconazole (checked)
Loratadine (checked)

Recovery (checked)

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Tuesday, June 25


RT @claraquiambao:
Isn't it sad
when you get hurt so much
that you say "I'm used to it."

>> yowez, meh pie meneh

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Saturday, June 22


too much is realĺy too much

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Friday, June 21

too sensitive

1. Back
2. Leg
3. Both hands
4. Head
5. Face
6. Stomach

4, 5, 6 were my first exp, I thought some reasons: my new jobs, high responsibility, full of stress; new cycle of life..
My skin is very-very-very sensitive, and this is absurd. I should more care about healthy life + double cleaning in everything
What the ~ #gedeg

I hope it would stop soon,
don't repeat please..

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Tuesday, June 18


I bite your bait.
I knew it, and I still did it,
I bite your bait..

But you didn't know, how deep is the sea..

Sunday, June 16

mazmur 34 : 19

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good ethic vs bad ethic

Me myself, is a good sample of an Altruism. And since I'm good on it, I have possibility to be a good Egoism too.. Because I always make sure good things happen to 2nd Party, while the 1st Party is below on that, and the worst part: I don't care 3rd Party..

After found that conclusion, I started to change myself. Probably, being a 50%-Egoism is better than Altruism itself. At least, I don't hurt others since everything focuss on me, and I still care about me myself (the most important thing about this topic). Only being 50% is a safe condition, isn't it?
Or you can say numbers 20-30%, I still can do that

Then, I read this one..
Victoria Osteen:
Loving yourself is not about being selfish, it's about honoring God's creation…YOU!

Let's loving ourself in 100% or even more!! I don't care about what do you think or what do you say, since you don't care too
Aye aye, sir!

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Saturday, June 15

just make sure to remember

Things will get worse before they get better,
but when they do,
remember who put you down
and who helped you up..

not anonym, by Lee

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aaaaah, an answer

I saw a com-break before, Luwak - White Coffee (am I wrong?)
They said: ".. aman di lambung, gag bikin deg-deg-an"

I hate coffee because it has high caffein, while I like coffee because it is a cool lifestyle.
Once in a month, I miss it. Sometimes, I want to drink a cup or glass of coffee, like a habbit. But, I'm afraid to get a rush heart-beat, a worse part, ewww..

Anyway, I love to drink Arabican Coffee again, gyahahahahaaa

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Monday, June 10

letter to you

Dear you,
I wish you knew my feelings..


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Sunday, June 9


RT @ohteenquotes: You are confined only by the walls you build yourself.
I'm building fortress for me, myself

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Saturday, June 8

tet tot

RT @ltsBrunoMars:
I miss you,
but I'd rather not bother you..

no miss-miss-an
no expect-expect-an
no no no
tet tot is tet tot

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Sunday, June 2


.. planning from last year ..
my runaway

Saturday, June 1

.. n e x t ..

I had a high expectation here, jebaaal..
Lots of great casting too, I meant the boys, ekekekekekek #SuperBlinkBlink

Waitiiiiiing for Joonie - Mr. MBLAQ ^^

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