Sunday, June 16

good ethic vs bad ethic

Me myself, is a good sample of an Altruism. And since I'm good on it, I have possibility to be a good Egoism too.. Because I always make sure good things happen to 2nd Party, while the 1st Party is below on that, and the worst part: I don't care 3rd Party..

After found that conclusion, I started to change myself. Probably, being a 50%-Egoism is better than Altruism itself. At least, I don't hurt others since everything focuss on me, and I still care about me myself (the most important thing about this topic). Only being 50% is a safe condition, isn't it?
Or you can say numbers 20-30%, I still can do that

Then, I read this one..
Victoria Osteen:
Loving yourself is not about being selfish, it's about honoring God's creation…YOU!

Let's loving ourself in 100% or even more!! I don't care about what do you think or what do you say, since you don't care too
Aye aye, sir!

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