Tuesday, January 26

she was my "simbok"

... i am "mama's girl" ...

We (me, my sis, my bro and also my dad too) usually called mother, "simbok" (it means mother in java's language). She is a great housewife, our lovely mother and my best friend I've ever had..

I always spend more time to chat and share about me, my friends, my problems, anything around us. I couldn't lie to my mother, because i believe to this woman. I would be an open-minded person when i close to her.
Those person (refers to I) was the real lee..

I like her perspectives of life, basics of life, life's style, etc.. I love everything about her (the way she lives). I want to be like her. And everybody knew that I looked like her. It was my pleasure, if i follow her way..

I took this statement from someone, who i knew as little-depil :
I believe at love in the first sight, because when the first time I opened my eyes,
I saw my mother

Thanks God, my first love was my mother..

--- without her, I'm nothing ---


  1. i think every mother in the world is the best friend for her children
    and became our inspiration
    then let be the best for her too..
    that's what we could do as her child :D