Friday, March 18

november == me

... bold means me ...
some attitudes base on month of birth

- Have a lot of ideas - My attitude is difficult to understand - Forward thinking - Unique minded and wise - Full of great new ideas - A keen mind - My hunches are very smooth and high - Nice to be a Doctor - Precise and careful - The secretive nature, good at digging and looking for another secrets - Many think, less talk but intimate - Brave, charitably, loyal and patient - Too headstrong and tough minded - If there is an intention, it will be done until success - Not like angry, unless you interfere - Have other ways of thinking from another - A very sharp brain - Smart on self motivation - Not appreciate the compliment - Have a fighting spirit and high power - Have strong body - Affection and emotion are so deep - Romantic - Not sure with the bond of affection - Like to sit or stay at home - Very diligent and highly capable - Trustworthy, honest, loyal and keep a secret - Bad at controlling emotions - High aspire - Temperament can't be predicted and easily changeable -

--- so far so good, but i still have devil inside me ---

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