Wednesday, March 2

sick is suck

Last week, I said:
"I would be sick next week"..

I got big-bang attack, when I didn't do right on my job, then somebody warned me about my perform. I felt very bad as a perfectionist one, so disappointing. The main reason was I couldn't manage the time well. Too busy with little things, got trouble in the big things, couldn't predict the time required, got stuck in feelings..

And when I'm in stress mode, I don't care about myself. I have irregular meals, irregular sleeping hours, I don't care about anybody too. Phew, bad habits..
This cold weather complemented above scenario.
Why I called it scenario? Because I was exposed to the rain, without rain coat or jacket. Reckless one..

Then, I ate my own words. I got sick..

--- once again, sick is suck ---

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