Monday, January 6


My first-effective-day-of-coding (since it was be a long time ago, I didn't do some code seriously and lately)

When I took a little break (after coding, before reading and sleeping), I felt someone was watching me outside my room (only my room that still have a life-sign, I meant the light was on). So, I made sure, who's the one that watching me with that "klecam-klecem" 's sound..

I found lil'chuppie in the darkness, I only saw her red-eyes, monster-look-alike, #DagDug was my heartbeat, and honestly I wanted to scream before because I was shocked, wekekekekek.. I felt, I wanted to throw up something to her #AnyelTithik

And you know, it's end with I was massaging her with lil-chit-chat.. I always do that, it's a kind of a-peaceful-sign from me, so I could cool down myself.
Believe me, it's relieving #seriously, she takes my sorrow and I feel better after that ^^

Oups, almost 1 am.. I'll continue later.. Next morning, I should prepare a good report for meeting. I hope, I don't tremble to speak the truth~

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