Saturday, January 17


Today, I started my day with normal-form
I meant, a good way with nice state and dream also, plus positive thinking..

Aaand, I did some discuss + debate
*darn, I came to black-hole, recursive-stupidly
This negativity-hole is suck, never ending debate (DebatKusir) when people never think normally or neutral, too much blame.. here.. there.. everywhere..
How could you live with that way until now?

Those B always shiT-testing me, while me myself in positive-mode
*usually it ruins my mind

Aaaaaah, rasanya pengin bilang: "anjing you", "kamu dog", "guguk loe", dan semacem nya

Dear Universe,
please.. be nice to me

One of the wise-staff here told me,
next time I should not to debate, just say yes..

Hmmmm, next time I will say "ooow", "aaaa", "hmmmm", "ic"
No need to say "yes", since that's not right

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