Friday, April 10

Secretary vs Treasurer

Through a lot of consideration,
* I don't like to write a lot
* keep money is too risky
* I have a main job
* ... bla bla bla ...

I was determined, Secretary was the best choice..
So, I made a CALL

One of the best moments (heroic one) :v
When someone asked to me, "What would u choose?"
I said, "Bu Lidia (former secretary) saja bisa, masa' Lee gag bisa.."
and everyone looked like cheering #grin
I replied, "I'm trying to think positively", The Secret's theory (Rhonda B.)

5 seconds later,
I felt sorry *glodhak2
That words were double-edged, inspiring or arrogant >,,,<

Well, I tried to do my best, receive my call, and think positively ^^

5 years, not a short time,, but not a long time too

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