Monday, October 28

I Hear Your Voice

01. I Hear Your Voice
02. Bad Girl, Good Girl
03. I'll be there
04. Him in My Vague Memory
05. Words That Can't Be Trusted
06. Me, Abandoned All Alone at the Edge of the World
07. Why Is a Sad Premonition Never Wrong?
08. For Whom Are You Living?
09. If Even You Leave in Difficult Days
10. Why Am I Lost Searching for Painful Memories?
11. I'm Sorry, I Hate You
12. Etude of Memories
13. The One Word in My Heart That I Can't Keep Inside
14. Things That I Have to Be Silent in My Memory
15. I Don't Ruin Anything
16. The Thieving Magpie Overture
17. Without Your Eyes, I Can't Even See in Front of Myself
18. Through the Light in the Darkness, You Remain with Me

"I can hear your voice" IS the ability to be able to listen to other people's hearts / feelings / thoughts. It is a blessing, and of course a curse too #DoubleDamage

*someday, I'll write 2NE1's version ^^

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