Thursday, November 7

Compilation - I Love Your Smile

Compilation - I Love Your Smile

Camp Jemaat - GKI Pajajaran Magelang
Waktu: 13 - 15 Oktober 2013
Tempat: Taman Eden 2, Kaliurang
1. Pdt Addi Soselia Patriabara (LPPS Yogya)
2. Tintien K. Lienardy (GKMI Kudus)


I was making this clip 2 days in a row in the middle of the night (8 pm to 3 am). A perfect time to look for ideas and make surprises, xixixi #aWorth. 
And, ta-daaa~~~ everyone loved it

From Shanice (ori), to Holladang (Korea), and than this ^^

I just want to share this message, and like I said before:
"I don't really like your smile, but I love your smile"

I deliberately have spread my message, and of course my BGM of this year too #yeaaah

*next one: Xmas Eve + Celebration

--- I love your smile ---

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