Friday, April 25

untold story

This is an-untold-story,
that happened last night before I ended my trip

The universe really loves us ^^
Finally, this year we met up, India-boy..

We made a plan to have a dinner together, but accidentally we met more early, in Kute beach
For a glance, I couldn't forget that moment, while I was waiting the sunset, he suddenly walked in front of me, pfffft..
Dink-donk-denk, WE met

Thank God, we had a good chit-chat..
And I knew that he became a "real-man" now, even he still the same like before :v :v

All I remembered, that night, more felt like Jogja, not Bali #hahahaaa
*that's the interesting part

Next plan: we would meet in West Java, Bali (again), or overseas #yuhuuuu....

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