Friday, August 12

a thinker is a thinker

... wae~ ~ ~ nae~ ~ ~ga wae~ ~ ~irae ...

I still remembered at a glance
on that short moment
or maybe I was amazed

Wait.. wait.. wait....
Why those thing suddenly appear in my mind?
I don't know why
Should I ask about it?

better don't know about anything
better don't have some chances to know
It wasn't my business, I should kill my curiosity..

How about "I should responsible to other's life" ?
Seriously, I did it..
But, when I don't get any response on it, should I still responsible about them?

My personal answer: absolutely not
I don't like to wait too long, and I knew exactly the meaning of 'tired' word..
So please, don't say anything to me, if you don't do it as you say
*easier to say than to act

Today, I read The Purpose Driven - Day 5
And I got: "Because I have you, then I have to care of you"

--- aaaaaaargh, reset my mind again ---

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