Tuesday, August 7

Suzy's Effect

Some pictures of the cool-plex girl, Bae Suzy from "Big"
Her char, Jang Mary idolizes Lady Gaga, so here she is..
source: soompi
same face + different styles == different feelings

If there is a person like this in this world..
# puhahahahaaa
I hope, I have a chance to saw her
# glodhak.. glodhak.. glodhak....

Another Suzy's effect..
[1] When I get bored or accidentally see those, somehow I feel cheerful. She brings the joy, with her look on her face, her char, the way she walks or even run, xixixi.. This brat has cool-plex :p
[2] Every night before my sleeping time, I always listening "Eonjengan". I heard IU's voice, but imagined Suzy's perform. #tsk tsk tsk.. My brain is also affected..

--- and I like the effect ---

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