Saturday, October 22


... some goals of the human living ...
*listening from the radio

1. Born to acquire
2. Born to bond
3. Born to comprehend
4. Born to defend

Goal 1
I do my work for continuing my life to get a better life (our old messages)
Money isn't everything >> true
And without money, we can't do anything too >> absolutely true
So I'm not a naive, I'm working to get money, but I don't working for money.
Honestly, this world would be better if there isn't money. Money makes lots of difference here..

Goal 2
Yeah, I like this part so much. We do as social beings, we bond each other.
It's about how to build relationship with the others.

Goal 3
Till' now, I learn to comprehend about everything..
Why I am here? What should I do? What is exactly 'my role' in this life? etc.. etc....
This goal is the hardest, because all I can do is comprehend by doing
* writing this post is a kind of comprehending too

Goal 4
Aaaa, this is our human nature..
When we are in trouble, even we are right or wrong, we would defend ourselves.

And believe me, after you read all of those goals, you'll agree with the statements below..
Everything is self-centered (cih....)

--- day 26 ---

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