Friday, October 21

unyuuu boy (again)

... almost forgotten ...

October is month of family..
It means lots of activities in every weekend ^^

Although the number of participants slightly,
I still enjoy every moment on it

Last week, I played table tennis
*I can't play tonight, because there are deadlines >_<

And I also played "dakon" (traditional's game)
Please, look at my enemy's expression here..

I snap it secretly

I fought a lil' boy !?!?!?
I felt dilemma between:
feeling of wanting to win + slowly tortured him because his face
I feel sorry because he was pouting + his face (again)

So, the major reason is HIS face (LoL)
Anyway, I like lil' bro or lil' sis ^^
* the unyuuu one

--- day 27 ---

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