Thursday, October 8

so cool

Yesterday was my-first-worse-exercise-ever..

05.15 pm: went back home
05.20 pm: did some cardio exercise, plus tried arms portion too (Babe said it 7.5kg :v)
05.35 pm: took a bath
05.45 pm: did some prep before meeting
06.00 pm: went for meeting

15 min for exercise, and then continued to take a bath without resting.. The result was #cetar,, high heartbeat, shaking body, aaaaaand flooding of sweat, puhahahahaaa. As soon as I finished my prep, it looked like I did my 2nd bath-time.. Tadaaaa, I got wet shirt and need to change it, I chose UCS since my skin need to breath alot.

Next, the wind was blowing so cool into my skin, until I hold my breath (didn't effect anything, xixixi).. It was an-all-kill-combi, hot inside and cool outside T__T

Conclusion, do some rest after exercise, make time for body for cooling itself
* pelajaran berharga *

I hope, today isn't same, since we need to go early (05.30 pm katanya)

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