Sunday, October 11


The day when I fell in love (lifestyle)
* sing: when I fall~~~

Usually, I loph her voice (OMY), then start to collect every single song from this Queen of Collab ^^
Next, following her group activities.. Actually, I didn't like their sexy concept at first, recently their summer song always a hit #grin, so sexy in summer is bright my day,, believe me..
Last, watching theirs reality show, until I found this "Enenk".. How can I describe SY, hmmmm: beautiful voice - husky voice (cool) - natural beauty - struggle in past - healthy lifestyle - koplak :v - boyish? - confident - aegyooo~

So, how could this person: "cool outside, cute inside" ???
* oups, I mention it again, xixixi

* NB *
If you really-really know what this picture meant for me, You know me so well or You're my best since I shared it with you

Pick me - Choose me - .... me :v

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