Thursday, October 1

"bu ika orangnya baik koq"

Finally, after lots of discussion (plus notif :v), we started to move ^^

To build a cooperative system, we should make a-win-win-relationship (it's a MUST in business world), and that's why I always declare a big question mark: what are the "PROFIT" for both of side?
Since we are having more opportunities, how 'bout the other party?

Today, I tried to make a schedule-set to meet. Pity, I can' t contact Bu Ika (from morning to evening) and I felt worrisome.. 16.20, succeed, we made a deal, yahooo~

And I got question, that made me doubt again, "What would you do there?"
Hmmmm, based on the plan, we try to build a communication officially both of the foundation, just do some of simple chit-chat: about the system, child, teacher; a kind of study-comparation.. (forget the "mission" until we find chance to do it)

And I got a supportive answer from my team, "Tenang aja, Bu Ika orang nya baik koq..",, that's really comfort me better #grin
When you do good things, everything would come better,  xixixixi..

God bless us for Friday's meeting ^^
It should be guuuuuud~~~

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