Sunday, September 27


*ngebet posting tanpa sinyal
*ngebet nulis cerita konyol
*ngebet super ngebet

Aaand,  dink donk denk~
It was fail, I can't upload here #SuperSedeh

Usually, when I get high 'bout my-nice-things, and the next time I fail to post it.. It means the universe reject mine T___T
I should keep it secret n private, hiks

But, I still have strong on my mind..
The reason why I adore SoYou so much:
"she is cool outside, and cute inside"
*and her abs is so-damn-crime (of course, Kahi is still the best :p)
*but both are cooooool~~~

Eh, I got a bonus from universe after my-fail-story today. Barabaaaaaam~
Meet n chit-chat with Chocoo ^^
*gomawooo Universe, it was a nice treat for me #yippiee

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