Sunday, September 6

behind the stories

Since joined the foundation,
I got some stories that made me stronger.. in life.. esp on society

Some great stories are:

1. The chairman said that WE (always) have potential people out there, WE only need to manage them well.

2. The former chairman took a BIG decision, to continue or re-build new image Senior HS, that's OUR responsibility.

3. The treasurer always struggling in financial's cases.. Believe it or not, WE did it and would do the best for the next years too.

4. Most of the members are FEMALE, could you believe it?

5. Lots of people CARE our foundation

6. ....

Sometimes, I cried when I realized their struggle (can't imagine it),, but it really works there, God always be there..
Amazing stories - Amazing people - with Amazing God.

So, I'm thankfull for joining this foundation. It just a different way to view and learn society arround your life
I'm so lucky, isn't it, xixixixiiii~ #grin

Anyway, that is "my call"..

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