Wednesday, September 26


Because I was watching trailer The Deadman Walking?
Actually, it wasn't have an impact, while the quality wasn't good enough. But I found Sarah Tancredi there, so this is the next target ^^

Of course.. Twice in a row, they really have different sense of humor, crashing everything. Just want to make sure, who am I or what am I?
*I hate to play this game

Sim City Game, we called it, Tata Kota..
I was addict on this game, until I realize that I had panda's eyes #sigh, and got dizzy on half of my working time. The most terrible is I did some lies for covering it #begh.
The only truth behind this game, that I like simulation game vert much. And because I could have a time with owoook, just to talk about non-sense things #craziness all the time

On that time, I have chances to meet my brother..
Skyping, chatting, accompaning him watching Animal Planet, joking with our-style-language. This is FUN!! And most of the time, I forget the local time #doooh

I have no idea, why should I sleep?

That's some reason behind case: sleeping over 1 am

#braaaiiiiiin, give me some braiiin.. I have no brain!!

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