Friday, September 28

zombie went to public

Today, some of our staff go to Jakarta, for a bus exhibition. At that moment, I wish, I wanna, I really want to join them, so I could leave anything for a while..
And yaaaaaap, that was a wish only

At the same time, I should go to Prambanan, for 'layat', same wishes before. But, I can't, because I had another promise this evening #gulp

So, I got the impact, I must go home ALONE #jegleeeeeer
I thought a lots scenarios before, and I chose to use mini-bus public #DagDigDug
From the first, I waited too long for the right bus, next I should save my wallet, mob-phone, money on my bag. On the way, I stayed alert, looked for my bag, the others, and the road. And the best thing that I had there, I always yawning all the time, ekekekekekeke.. I don't care laaaaaa~~~
This zombie really enjoy herself :p

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