Tuesday, November 8

awkward moments

... some awkward moments of this day ...

When I suddenly woke up early and still remember that my work hasn't been completed, and even in my dream I still do that O___o

When I wanted to vomit in the morning because of stupid code x______x

When I realized that previous moment had ruined my day, and made ​​me temperamental this day

When I didn't know about anything, I really don't know about it, but I still have to do, try to figure it out, and after it happen, all I can say is: "what was that?"

When I had a bad temper today, then I realized that was my folly, and I could smile on it

When I met someone who is important in the parking lot
# lucky me, I didn't get a heart attack, even I was ashamed to look at her face directly

When I wanted to vomit (again) at night because of crazy things

When I decided to stay up again tonight, and do not know what will happen later..

--- day 11 ---

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