Thursday, November 24


... 20112011 ...

Congraaatz for Michael & Christine
my lophly bro & ce tengil

and welcome to our CLAN, xixixixixi..

What happened to this world!?!?!?
I didn't cry when we were meeting or parting yesterday
Probably, because this was a happy moment
I knew that tomorrow they will come here, ekekekekek..
Time goes sooo fast

Aaaaaah, I tell you something in this family..
Someday, when a child comes home to his father (because of distance and time apart)
You will see great moment there,
father would come & hug his child first, and tap child's shoulder
We called it love ^^

My father looks like Arnold Schwarzenegger,
with a Hello Kitty heart..

--- december.. december.. december.. ---

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