Wednesday, November 23

Nov 23

... Thank God ...

The weirdest thing happened today is when I started to do my 'annual ritual'..
(there was no 5 minutes)
(suddenly): Am I really have a birthday today ?
. . . . . . . .
I stopped my ritual for a moment, then I checked calendar on my mobile
"November 23, 00:04 AM"
. . . . . . . .
(thinking): hahahaaa, it's so ridiculous
And I continued my ritual..

In the middle of my conversation,
I remembered that Cah Bagus reminded me of my birthday yesterday
That is my first SMILE on my 25th :)
thank you boy, you still stole mine :*

I got interesting experiences in this year..
And I am grateful for all of that,
wisdom, health, famz, lophly friends, dream jobs,
all good things that made me happy,
and also all bad things that made me sad or cry

For this year, I didn't ask to much, I only ask a think,
let me learn to fall in love with God..

--- my target is HIS pleasure ---

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