Tuesday, November 15

fall in love with HIM

... The Message said ...

"Bring your life (everyday), sleeping, eating, going to work, and walking, and place it for God as a worship."

Side Story
When I first fell in love with my wife, I thought about her constantly: when having breakfast, in a vehicle to school, attending college, waiting queues in the market, filling stations; I can't stop thinking about this woman! I often talk to myself about her and think about everything that I like about her. This is what helped me feel close to Kay even though we live several hundred miles apart and school to different high school. By constantly thinking about her, I live in her love..

This is the true meaning of worship, fall in love with HIM..
I start to do what HE likes and start to fall in love with HIM. So when people are not reliable anymore, I still have my sweetheart ^^
If one day you feel that I was changed, you already know the answer..

--- day 4 ---

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