Tuesday, December 16

it makes sense

People ... be there forever, AREN'T
People you never imagined ... , YOUR CLOSEST FRIEND

It make sense now #grin

Absolutely, how many times I should say like that #babboocheorom

But, that's the fact..
Thanks to my new-comers, we would make a good memories, I'LL DO !!!

Yesterday, when we did Gladi, I met Jeffri (I heard his name more than one)..
And when we met each other, he said "I know her, she's my senior", I said "So do I"
*I never expect or want to know well that guy, since I had a bad-opinion before

Hahahaaaa, that's universe do to us XD
Next, we would work as a team #ngekek
Welcome Jeff, you should make a good-and-happy-capture-moment *cheers

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