Tuesday, December 2

new plen

I got a new friend ^^
"pucuk dicinta, ulam pun tiba"

When we thought, we need to pet cat (cause-troublemaker-mouses)
Theeen, we gooot it, xixixi..

Dec 01, 2014
A long rainy day, a-lil-alien-kitty come to mine
*is it a he or she, dunno.. i don't know anything 'bout cat
He/she is really really really muanjaaaaaa~~~

I calls it "pussy", since he/she always answers me "miaaw"
*isn't a yes?
Hmmmm, but his/her name for the next time is Alien
*an ufo thing, from another world, extra-celestrial-bla-bla-bla

You, who came for another stars (read: Alien)

Anyway, what are you doing now, Alien?
I ate your fave's food today a.k.a gereh :v

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