Saturday, September 17

happily ever after

... September 17, 2011 ...

I hope, after this day, I got a brand new day ^^

Began with listening to familiar songs, favorite one
"Jerry Yan - OST Down With Love"
Then started to see its opening..
# dag dig dug
Ellaa.. Ellaaaa Chen is there.... unyuuu~~ unyuuuuuu~~~
# didn't expect to see her
I watched her drama with my glassy eyes for a while,
just because I want to see Ella, I was so excited >_<
# a lil thing, my lil thing called love

In the night, I came to "my brother"'s wedding
# I've considered him as my brother
Especially for Kho Willy & Ce Mega,
hopefully happily ever after
God Bless You

--- Regards, Luthung ---

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