Wednesday, September 28

... I am jealous ...

After hearing some stories, behind the scene,
I can said that: I am jealous..
But this is the "positive" one, hahahaaa
I am jealous, because I can't be "that person"
* and this happens because of decision that I've taken

I've been predicting all of these risks, until I thought I'm ready
And I was wrong..

It's difficult for me, to being like this..
When should I go? Or when should I stop?

Mr.Regret always comes at the end of the story

I can only hope that my first hope will come true,
and all I did was not in vain..
Though sometimes I feel galau (anxious)

This is my description about galau
a moment where you know there is something that has happened,
you've tried to act or react, but you're not getting responses,
and all you can do is wait.. waited.. and waited....
until you're tired of waiting, and you try to forget it
and it all just missed,

--- ---

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