Tuesday, September 6

10 days

I was falling in love with her, within 10 days..
Only 10 days, just a moment
I would miss her very much

Today is our farewell..
Dunno why, this body seemed to resist for a farewell
* she read my statement (this), and she knew about my feeling.. *

I got fever and wasn't feeling well, I took a medicine to prevent others
* I should look 'great' on our last day

And when she said a farewell, she also said to me, "don't cry...."
* I tried to hold my tears
And when they've really gone, I came into the room alone
with reason to take a nap for a while
* I can't handle it anymore, I cried ToT

Until right now, while I'm writing this post..
I can't breath, and the tears keep dripping away TToTT

Oooh, for God's shake, I'm a crybaby >_<