Tuesday, September 13

i am a sagittarius

... I found this statement (again) ...

Never reject 3 people : Leo, Gemini and Aquarius
They are true, loyal and honest friends.

Never lose 3 people : Taurus, Cancer, Capricorn
They are the most sincere and true lovers.

Never leave 3 people : Virgo, Libra, Scorpio
They can keep secrets, friendship and they can see your tears.

And never believe in 3 people : Sagittarius, Aries, Pisces
They are the most selfish and mean.

I am a Sagittarius..
Like you said before, and you're right ^^
I can't be trust because I'm selfish or too mean to you

If you don't mind, you may leave us alone..
But the last thing you should believe,
it would be a great lost for you

--- thanks ---


  1. hmm... I'm Leo...
    nyahahahahaha........ >:D

  2. Leo >> They are true, loyal and honest friends.


    tapi bo'ong :p

  3. Sagittarius, Aries, Pisces >> They are the most selfish and mean...

    now I began to believe... :P

  4. wakakakakak..
    it doesn't matter for me as a Sagittarius,
    because that is true, and I realized that..

    but this is the important thing, everybody has selfish's part or mean's part..

  5. I am mean , I am a flirt, I am selfish and I am a Sagittarian, but who cares? People love me , they cant resist me , they cant stay away from me, after all Im a Fire Sign,,everyone gets attracted to FIRE :)

  6. @anonymous,
    wooow.. how lucky you're?

  7. I'm not mean nor selfish thats really mean and people have different personalitys it's not just zodiac signs that make up a person and you might think we are mean because we are really honest and we don't mean to hurt your feelings or anything we are being truly honest so before you posted that on the Internet you should have thought about it,what if a saggitarius kid saw this post and think their a bad person geeze :(

  8. Hey hey.. why so serious, huh?
    Look at my sub-title: "I found this statement (again)", that means I found it outside there more than once
    And then posting it here + based on my own exp

    You know, sometimes after you read something, you felt like "aaah, that's right.." or maybe "absolutely not!", and this was it

    Anyway, I'm a Sagittarius kid ^^

  9. Stupid .... to generic to lump people in sun signs. U need a moon and rising to even have a clue... complete garbage in my opinion

  10. If you want to know someone personality,
    you should find it from another point of view (not only from the horoscope) #NoOffense

  11. its all sad but true!!!!! believe it.................................................