Saturday, November 7

upr :: heize

I'm watching not because of You

I just want to follow Hyo,
that excluded for the very first time, dudududuuuuh T___T
*I told so, Hyo is vocal.. #sedeh

And the next (eps 02), camera always focus on this girl
(probably) I was focusing this girl too..
*something attracted me or what

10 minutes later, my brain (or heart) rang "dink donk denk"
Heize is You!!! She looks alike You!! #MTBD

* kukur * kukur * kucek * kucek *

- smoga mata ini salah liak
- paused
- closed youtube
- time to sleep
- I dun't want to dream 'bout it
- let's skip this day
- oups, this is a new beginning day
- sigh sigh sigh
- ini bukan salah Heize
- salah nya You
- titik

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