Tuesday, November 10

hz - squat

- Me, Myself and I -

Ay boy I’m a hot chick baby
나는 Club에 가면 반칙 Baby
처음 봐? 이런 몸매

나는 Keith Ape처럼
Squat Squat Squat 매일 해

Hz said squat..
* gue squat

Hz rapped squat..
* gue squat

Hz sang squat..
* gue squat

Gue squat 3x,
the next morning: my thighs were 'pothok' or 'pothel' and maybe 'roncot' *ngekek*

Each time, for the very first time style, this body always try to fight back, esp the aerobic ones.. They cut your breath instantly *lap kringet*

Don't worry, I love this so much..
Since the Universe drag me to "squat" too, are we close enough?

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