Friday, May 23

Grey's Anatomy - Season 06

01. Good Mourning
02. Goodbye
03. I Always Feel Like Somebody's Watchin' Me
04. Tainted Obligation
05. Invasion
06. I Saw What I Saw
07. Give Peace a Chance
08. Invest in Love
09. New History
10. Holidaze
11. Blink
12. I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked
13. State of Love and Trust
14. Valentine's Day Massacre
15. The Time Warp
16. Perfect Little Accident
17. Push
18. Suicide is Painless
19. Sympathy for the Parents
20. Hook, Line and Sinner
21. How Insensitive
22. Shiny Happy People
23. Sanctuary
24. Death and All His Friends

I could watch 3-seasons-in-a-row #woohoooo, in 5 months.. ekekekek :v
Thanks to Shonda (until this season)

We got:
MerDer + CristinaOwen + TorresArizona (the best) + MarcLexieKarev (trio)
journey love of Torres #unpredictable
Grace Seattle H. VS Mercy West H., lot's of new people here
Aaaand, the-blue-eyes Jackie was comiiiiiin


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