Saturday, January 23

2nd time

So, this morning is your 2nd time for coming to my dream..

Bless you for your tengil-smile,
thank you for your full appearance..
Glad to see you, Sis ^^

Anyway, is that really a sign for me?
Your surprising support on "that" kind of event.. I still don't have any clearness, but your coming way is so special, do you want me to do it???

Isn't too frontal, not my style actually, it's yours, xixixixi..
Just remember, please be my Angel >,,,<

Euy, I want to report this story..
Yesterday, I was planning to go to Jogja on Saturday, it was a fail.. But I did it.. Accidentally, I was on your radius again, and that made me thinking more about you.. Sweet sorrow, Nenk~
Later, I'll talk bout it T_T

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