Monday, April 18


Last night,
I was following these gals to do some perform together

Aaaaaand, they came to my dream, gomawoooooo~ made my day, made my day ^^

Looking them for far away, I just run and leaving anything behind, run and don't care others, run and get to closer with them, absolutely.. No need to think anymore, gyahahahahaaa

Poor me, only watching practice mode.. Poor me, can't interact with SoYou.. Bless me, I did convos with Bora :p

So, bravely I asked: what do they want to eat (food and beverage for culinary). Bora want some Bakwans, esp Bakwan Jagung because of the sweet :v

Maybe, she is a collector of invoice, since she want Invoice Billing too, xixixixixi.. Or maybe I misheard Beans to Billing *kukur-kukur*

A big question mark is coming,, why did we talk in English automatically, kekekekekeke

Once again,, this made my day #grin
I'll wait another opportunities, other visitations, esp from You

Yeap,, from You, chu~

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