Thursday, December 29

K & JH

... lil' dialogue between K & Ji Hoon ...

JH: Are you okay now?
K: What?
JH: Acting like you don't know. Don't you know you have been weird lately?
K: I have, haven't I?
K: Like you said, I think I was depressed.
K: All the suffering past, and only good things seem to happen.
K: All of it was uncomfortable. A person can feel that way.
K: I am okay now.
JH: Really? That's good to hear.
K: Did you worry? I am sorry..
JH: Do you know, why am I so disappointed.
K: About what?
JH: You suffered by yourself, you took care of it yourself.
JH: I didn't do anything. Even I don't know what caused the suffering.
JH: But, it's good to hear that..

--- sometimes in JH's position is pathetic ---

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