Friday, December 9

Dec 09

... Dec 09 ...

Part 1
I walked quietly to her room
I couldn't see anything, it was too dark..
Back to my room, and I took a mobile-phone

Part 2
I walked quietly to her room (again)
Still couldn't see anything, and tried to get light from mobile-phone
Saw her exact position, she was sleep there..

Then I came to hug and kiss Simbok
And I said: "Happy Birthday, mbok.."
I was the first gift on her birthday, she got my lovely hug & kiss

Ummmmmm, I think, I forgot to say something..
Tomorrow, I would say: "I love you"

And we got company too
Yesterday, Dec 08 was tengil's birthday
Hahahaaa, this all is not just a coincidence
*we believed like that ^^

--- Happy Bday ---
I love You

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