Thursday, December 22

my last december

[I was writing this post while on my way to home]

This has been a year or more
I was trying to stay as long as I could,
with all sorts of reason for completing my temporary 'alibi'
I've done everything, so I could be there..

But, nothing has changed,
nothing was holding me back..
And I've run out of reasonable
So, I've made my decision

I'm stepping forward, without looking back
Hope you enjoy your 'room', and let me fix mine ^^

[funny incident]
I wrote message "c u next year", and immediately removed it. Then wrote it again, and removed it again.. It happened many times, and finally I didn't send the message. I can't guarantee what I say, I don't want to expect more.. (vise versa)

--- goodbye, baby goodbye ---

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