Friday, December 2


... karma ...

It's better to use (word) 'karma' than 'sin',
looks simpler, smaller, and lighter for human,
but actually.. I don't think so....

sickness, sore, painful, hardship, misery, trouble

Simbok said: "Our Sabian said, the sick people is a sinner.."
I was imagine, I'm a sick one, I was there and heard him, and I have a BIG sin..
It's not like 'every people is sinful', but I got SICK because of MY SIN
What did I do before ???

She continued: "For the payoff of sin is death"
I hold my breath, hid my tear for a second..

I'm really sad.. It's too terrific..
Because we discussed about my relatives >___<
"For the payoff of sin is death", huuuuuuft T___T

Every single day, I should responsible for that,
what I've did and what I've didn't..
Seems not fair because I feel its effects
*somehow, I took part in their sin, maybe I was a passive-one..
So, let's start to responsible in present & future

Yesterday, I saw some 'Dementors' on the sky
And I got 'their' message

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