Sunday, December 18

hello Mr. Rude..

... hmmmmmmph ...

Somehow, Saturday always makes me stress, just because of 1 person
[applause for yooo] it's difficult to handle you

Side Story
I remembered, Simbok told me about Joel..
Joel went for shopping and met an unfriendly cashier, lots of buyer didn't get good services because of the cashier. She worked with 'way face', without a single smile, some buyers said that she was rude..
Joel started to think, "Why she did like that? Maybe, she is in trouble right now..".

And he started to talk to her: "Do you have any problems right now?".
Cashier: #shocked "Actually, I got a message, my child had an accident this morning, and I'm still waiting about his news. I'm worried about him.."
they have PROBLEMS

How about me?
I start my Saturday with smile, then I meet him, and he ruins my weekend, ouch..
HE IS RUDE.. And he never realize that he always rude, oo-em-ji..
[woot] His name is like his behavior, RUDE, doooh..
[gedhek.. gedhek.. gedhek....]

So, what is the problems?
RUDE's problems are himself..
Lee's problem is him..

I'm so stupid, I unconciously 'play' with him >___<

Let's find another 'toys'..
Sorry, all I can do is helping myself

help him == 'play' with him == I get stress

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