Thursday, December 15

like attracts like

... law of attraction ...

A few days ago, I started to think, "why I don't sneeze, while right now is rainy season..". That's so weird, because Simbok got it over and over again, but I didn't. Of course, it is a bless, I was fine, but I still felt weirdo..
So, unconciously, I had a thought: "when I would sneeze, when I would sneeze, when I would sneeze.."

Yesterday, I was cleaning my room, and my concern was "why those stack of papers/modules/books are too much". I didn't want to keep it, not useful, and selling them was the best option. Remember, they were too much, there were too heavy too, complicated.. 3 boxes full of papers, how much money that I spent for my college, while I didn't read them all, ckckckckck..

Somehow, my jun2 posted status in FB, he needed papers to sell, he want to save the money for mudik
# ahaaa..
I contacted him, and he accepted it. I prepared & packaged them to boxes, and clean my room was a MUST.
Ooo.. ooow.... I saw lots of dust there
# ahaaa..
And I still cleaned my room, no other option >___<

Then, I got my first sneeze
# ahaaa.. (feeling not good)
second, third, fourth, .... I got sneeze all night long
what a sneeze, eh, what a stupid thought

like attracts like

I started to positive thinking
"I get a car.. I get a car.. I get a car.."
# too positive, hahahaaa..

"I'm rich.. I'm rich.. I'm rich.."
# too naive, sigh..

"I'm healthy.. I'm healthy.. I'm healthy.."
# and it is great ^^

--- Simbok: healthy is a MUST ---

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