Friday, May 18

tell me why be normal

I was telling my Sunday story to Simbok, that I've got a calling from brother.
Suddenly, I was sharing the story with tears, it happened automatically.. These are tears of relief and happiness. 
And then, Simbok also said, when Daddy knew that brother called me to share his story, Daddy was crying too, for the same reason.
[hmmmmmm, I got this cry-baby from him]

I'm grateful to have a solid family like this. Everytime I remember about this thing, I am always moved..
#teary eyes

And, we had another 'funny' story.. Because we are a NORMAL family, other families ENVY about this thing. 
Since when it is 'dangerous' to be normal? since.... when....

This morning, I was singing "tell me why be normal~ tell me why be normal~ tell me why be normaaal~~~"
(G-Dragon ft YG Family - Why Be Normal)
Then I got an answer about my last question. Since the first, man are always ENVY (source: bible)
[Simbok & Daddy told it before too]

--- the first human problem was terrible ---

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