Tuesday, May 8

# searching songs

there is always a reason for everything that I do
every single step, even for the things that I like, 
I will plan any 'scenario' that allows..
however, there are things that are unexpected and beyond my limits

and there are memories in every song that I choose for my mobile
my hope is I could remember it every day and every time

I thought, KJK ft Soya - You Know Everything would be stay longer
*beautiful sound of KJK
Unfortunately, I was wrong, you don't ... anymore

# searching songs

Then, I remember this, 
I always told: "my secret time", and I really wanted it
But you never came back.. # bitter.. bitter.. bitter..
song that I hold in the longest time is Secret - I Want You Back (slow version)

# still searching songs
The next song should be 'happy' or 'naughty' song, that's better for this time

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